Pam Hogg AW12/13

Sunday 19th February

Queue’s out of the freemasons hall for Fashion Scouts most popular show and Designer, complete with tantrums at the door between some ego-centrics and the scary bouncers. I was one of the lucky ones who actually got into the show before they filled up to their maximum capacity of 400 people! The only front rowers worth noting (not a fan or never heard of the others) were Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran infront of me and the Clash bassist Paul Simonon on the other side.

The show was worth the wait and my frozen toes, Pam delivered with inspiration from ‘little house on the prairie’ and cyber milk maid from outer space it would seem. Makeup included big dolly lashes and monobrows where the clothes featured metallic and lace catsuits (mostly) covering a ladies important bits teamed with oversized, bejewelled and fur lined bonnets.

The show named ‘Wild Life’ also featured Jaime Winstone who, not totally satisfied with her 2 minutes catwalk fame, did an impromptu barn dance with one of the models. Yes, well done her.

One of my most favourite looks, covered in sequins, glitter and jewels, the audience went into a photo frenzy trying to snap this baby up.

Overall, one of the most original and fun shows of Fashion Scout. I love Pam Hogg’s style. She’s a wicked lady, she is.

Spijkers en Spijkers & Bernard Chandran AW12

Saturday 18th February 2012


On entering the Freemasons hall (creepy) for Fashion Scout, SOAKING from the downpour of british weather, I was ushered in by some very anxious looking bodyguards – the room was packed to the brim and 10 minutes later the show started with tinny piano music reminiscent of the 40’s era. The collection aptly named ‘Birds of Paradise’ provoked tropical colours and geometric patterns. ‘Vintage’ and ‘schoolgirl headband’ came to mind with knee length tea dresses and cinched in waists. Totally not my style so hard to connect with but I appreciate a good show.

Bernard Chandran was a little more exciting. The music for one, was something I could bob my head to, the clothes featured silks, oversized sparkling collars and coiffed hair -thats more like it! This collection was aimed for the glamorous business woman. Everything pretty much shouted power. Bernard Chandran added lace and sequins for a feminine touch.

To top it off, he took his bow at the finale with a massive grin on his face. I never get why designers come out looking so serious all the time, so it was a nice surprise. Bless him.

Artists. Amazing. Artwork.

Working as a Talent Scout for a contemporary art gallery, I’ve learnt to pick up a few things – where to find fresh talent & judging good taste.

Here I’m going to show you these 3 artists whose work I can’t stop admiring:

Photographer Ignacio Torres

I first saw his work back in September online through an art blog. Sad I couldn’t invite him to London as he currently resides in New York. Nevertheless, didn’t stop me nosing about through his online portfolio and I found his project ‘Stellar’;

“This project began from the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death.” – wow. I loved him already and that was just the first line on his website.

He goes on to explain – ‘I created imagery that showcased this cosmic birth through the use of dust and reflective confetti to create galaxies. The models organic bodily expressions as they are frozen in time between the particles suggest their celestial creation. In addition, space and time is heightened by the use of three-dimensional animated gifs. Their movement serves as a visual metaphor to the spatial link we share with stars as well as their separateness through time.’


Ignacio chose his location well, in conjunction with the stars and all spiritual matter, what else is more surreal and fitting than a desert at sunset?  He told 1883 Magazine – “I grew up in El Paso, Texas… I was really inspired by the desolate landscapes around me as well as the beautiful West Texas sunsets.” It looks to me like native american cosmic hipsters – I might try and re-create this look for upcoming festivals, falling & blowing glitter dust everywhere.

Not only are they photographed beautifully but in a 3d form no less, shot at 3 separate angles at the same time. Absolutely mind-blowing. (if you can’t see this on the blog, go onto his website. Gifs take a century to load)

Artist Alex Daw

I briefly met Alex, a London based artist at The Other Art Fair where I was most taken with his weird and wonderful cut-out collages of various fashion magazines:

He says his work lies ‘somewhere between a doomed career in glamour photography, a failed childhood dream of working for Disney and an obsession with expressionist painting & graffiti.’


He goes on to say  ‘the work I create alludes to a facade or a previously functional series of objects and is often loaded with ambiguity.  Inspired by surface & tension, I am interested in the disconnection between reality and the glossy gleam we use to protect ourselves from it.’

Find out more here 

Photographer Brice Bischoff

I saw his work on I Need a Guide blog back in August and it still lingers around my head. An LA based artist who captures pretty things shot in not so pretty areas, this series is called ‘Bronson Caves’, the same caves featured in the ol’ Western and sci-fi movies:

I don’t know how he does it – looks like multi coloured fabric/powder with a slow shutter speed? Whatever it is, it’s bloody good.

There’s definitely some sort of theme forming, I tend to go for colourful, aesthetically pleasing things. Nothing wrong with that!

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Wolf & Badger Terrible Twos

Last week, we took a trip to Wolf & Badger to celebrate their second birthday party coinciding with new designers they have in store. I remember going to their launch back in 2010 when I was writing for Sketchbook Magazine -after a lot of internet stalking I tracked down a pic of our gang at the opening – not a great one, but it proves my existence and ominous fashion sense for 2010.

Two years on, Wolf & Badger are still going strong and are about to open a second store in Dover Street! They opened with treats and sweet and a rum cocktail that could take enamel off teeth. Strong stuff.

with Jefferson Catlyn and Prince Cassius

Alter Ego with Victoria Heald

“Victoria Heald’s work aims to communicate an intensity of the painted figure through pose, gesture, expression and look. The changing surfaces, materials and compositions heighten the figurative image in each piece. Her recent filmic series referenced different cachets and seductively rich imagery of cinema from 1940s – 60s. She has used personal contacts as models to create an image juxtaposing the individuality of the sitter with more recognisable images from visual culture. This creates a shifting dynamic between individual details and the cachet of an iconic or recognisable image. These never-settled boundaries are added to by the similar shift between surface and material. The figures are painted thinly in oils, but the backgrounds use light-reflective acrylic paints, taking the subject out of their original context and slipping them into a non-existent space of painting.

The paintings are made from referencing photographs taken in a photographic studio with strong theatrical lighting. The photographs retain the momentary immediacy of the moving film image – as Deleuze called it, the movement-image. Rather than static posed shots the artist thinks of them as stilled moving images.

The original photographs are subverted in painting through a careful selection of details. The details of the specifically chosen sitter are directed into recognisably filmic poses and gestures, enhancing the disjunctions within the piece between the cultural cachet and individuality of the sitter.

Originally from Hertfordshire, Victoria moved to London to study her Foundation Year at Camberwell College of Art. She continued on to Chelsea College of Art and Design to study BA Fine Art, graduating in 2011 with First Class Honours.”

I jumped at the chance to model for Victoria, she already had an idea in mind for me- Lady Gaga styling with some crazy poses. Since this was the first of a ‘modern’ series we discussed using extra props for styling ideas and proffesional hair and makeup. Luckily, my good friend Rachel Rodrigues is a qualified makeup artist and hair stylist, since we both come from a fashion background it was really fun to get back into the styling side of fashion photography.

As soon as we made our way to Victoria’s (heated!) studio in Bermondsey, she showed us inspirational images she had picked up from when she visited the ‘Glamour of the God’s’ exhibition at the V&A, and still images of Lady Gaga music video’s. Rachel made me up with a silver lightening bolt and dark makeup (think I scared quite a few people on the way home!) We also decided on a sleek bob hair style which held an ironic twist to the outlandish makeup. Victoria directed me on where I should stand and how to pose which was fun we played with different positions which proved to be quite difficult after a while, wearing spiked leggings and 6″ heels!

‘My shoot with Sufi was one of the most successful I’ve ever had. It was great fun because it was the first time I have used professional hair and make-up for the model. My work aims to juxtapose an individual with a cachet or iconic image. Usually this has meant using 1940s-60s film as a reference, looking at Marlon Brando, James Dean, Rita Hayworth. The choice of Lady Gaga as a reference reflects our modern icons and the impact figures like this have now-a-days. Sufi was a fantastic model. She really got into the character and look of the images I wanted. the photos were so good that I am actually going to make a triptych of paintings instead of just one.’

I can’t wait to see the paintings and I know Victoria will do a fantastic job with the shots we took!

Poster Roast

October 2011

After the glamorous affair at Annoushka, I headed north to Camden town to check out the ‘Poster Roast’ Launch Night. Poster Roast is a collective of creatives inspired by the word ‘rad’, screen printing and music to headbang to. The posters in question were all made and printed by 11 different artists for they’re favourite music tours/gigs.

Set up in 2007 by Chris White and now assisted by his wife Alex White of whom both run WeThreeClub, Its intention is to help develop and promote Poster Artists within the UK.
During each Poster Roast there is a curated exhibition of some of the most influential poster artists in the UK, there is also live screen printing throughout showing the process, and the option of leaving with your own freshly printed poster! As the poster wouldn’t exist without the music, at each exhibition some of the finest bands play live sets for your ears to enjoy.
Posters are on sale throughout, and the majority of the artists are normally present, available to chat if you have any questions!
Creating affordable art for people is a large part of what these artists advocate and Poster Roast hopes that members of the public will enjoy being able to leave with something precious and unique.

By 10pm it was going strong, the Black Heart Pub (wicked venue by the way!) was packed out with the most creative, indie looking and rockabilly inspired people (east london meets camden?) DJ playing a range of tunes from Punk Rock to Dolly Parton and we were immediately given free cocktails! Still not sure why, but I’m not complaining. Accompanying me were these two pretty awesome illustrators Shane Noonan & James Boast- check out their work here and here.

The pub walls were transformed into a gallery with all the works framed and curated in a complimentary colourful way.

 …Over excitement?

DJ loving abit of Dolly Parton

Bobby & Chris from Poster Roast

Over all these stunning pieces of work, we decided that our favourites were as follows:

Luke Drozd for his stunningly detailed poster for the Black Keys – Leeds gig Edition of 100 (£17)
“I thought two runaway steers hurtling downhill out of control seemed to be a good visual metaphor for the bands sound.”

Telegramme for his use of typography and what looks like letterpress print – Buck 65 KCLSU show (£20)

and Adam Pobiak for his Graphic design influence, the fact that it’s shiny and because I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the Temper Trap when they played a Dingwalls gig in 2009- Silkscreened poster for The Temper Trap with Sarah Blasko at the Shepherdsbush Empire edition of 250 (£20)

All posters are on sale so go see them in the flesh at the Black Heart Pub, Camden or buy online at

Alchemy Launch Party at Annoushka Jewellery

October 2011

Artist Rosie Emerson launched ‘Alchemy’ in collaboration with Annoushka Jewellery, staging photographs of the most successful women in the fashion industry including Virginia Bates, Daisy Lowe, Eliza Doolittle, Ophelia Lovibond and Caroline Issa shrouded in golden light merging fine art and fine jewellery.

Here’s a few pics of the work:











Daisy Lowe, Annoushka Ducas and Rosie Emerson

Prince Cassius, Rosie Fortescue, me and Leroy Dawkins

with Daisy Lowe and Virginia Bates

with bloggers Prince Cassius & Leroy Dawkins

September Private View

September 2011

While working for Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill. I helped to organise a blowout private view featuring works of the new artists. As it was September, and we all know september is the fashion month, I decided on a ‘wearable art’ theme. With this, I asked a friend a favour – DJ Erol Sabadosh to play some tunes for the night as he did with the previous month’s private view pictured here:

Amy Winehouse sculpture by Sarah Gwyer

We had none other than the gorgeous model BB Kaye as a special guest!

For the ‘wearable art’ theme, I called upon the help of the amazingly talented and most original designer James Hock who dressed me up in one of his first creations – the ‘Alternative Black Dress’.  It meant I had to stay immobile for most of the night and had a LOT of people inappropriately touching my dress until I had to resort to batting them away with the guest list clipboard. I mean, really.

The beautiful Laura Cherry and Treacle Holasz performed from the March Performance Group and wore Ziad Ghanem Couture in the downstairs gallery. Overall, a great night and the gallery was packed out with queue’s out the door!

Photography by Bar Am David

The Breakfast Kitsch

I missed drawing so I designed a handmade storybook featuring illustrations and a fictional story made up out of research and days of ongoing sugar fixes.
Printed on 100% cotton B5 paper and japanese binded with pink, yellow and turquoise thread.
This is ‘The Breakfast Kitsch’ Featuring 4 well known people in the fashion industry as characters from the breakfast club.

Pornographic for Virgin Atlantic

This project was to design a new uniform for Virgin Atlantic celebrating their 25th anniversary.

I was inspired by the theme of 80’s poster girl from Virgin’s advertisement but on the day of the crit, I was told my designs were ‘pornographic’ (this is due to the way I draw the female form…and the fact that I wanted to use latex material.) so I thought fine, I’ll go with that.
so i did.
Photography by Mathieu Harkin,
Styling and uniform by Sufiyeh Hadian