Pam Hogg AW12/13

Sunday 19th February

Queue’s out of the freemasons hall for Fashion Scouts most popular show and Designer, complete with tantrums at the door between some ego-centrics and the scary bouncers. I was one of the lucky ones who actually got into the show before they filled up to their maximum capacity of 400 people! The only front rowers worth noting (not a fan or never heard of the others) were Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran infront of me and the Clash bassist Paul Simonon on the other side.

The show was worth the wait and my frozen toes, Pam delivered with inspiration from ‘little house on the prairie’ and cyber milk maid from outer space it would seem. Makeup included big dolly lashes and monobrows where the clothes featured metallic and lace catsuits (mostly) covering a ladies important bits teamed with oversized, bejewelled and fur lined bonnets.

The show named ‘Wild Life’ also featured Jaime Winstone who, not totally satisfied with her 2 minutes catwalk fame, did an impromptu barn dance with one of the models. Yes, well done her.

One of my most favourite looks, covered in sequins, glitter and jewels, the audience went into a photo frenzy trying to snap this baby up.

Overall, one of the most original and fun shows of Fashion Scout. I love Pam Hogg’s style. She’s a wicked lady, she is.

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