Natalija Mencej CSM Graduate Collection

There is nothing about this collection I don’t like. Natalija tick all the boxes with oversized jumpers, sparkly knits, hip hop and PUGS!  She creates a very strong concept with the end result looking very high-end…












I must own one of these ensembles, complete with pug. Natalija I’m coming for you..

PS you need a website.

LWLies x D&AD Cover Illustration Private View

My favourite film magazine Little White Lies teamed up with creative organization D&AD a while back to set a competition for students on designing an illustrated front cover for the magazine based on five 2011 hit films – choosing from; Black Swan, Tree of Life, Super 8, Drive and Tinker, Tailor, Soilder, Spy.

Instead of staying sad that I wasn’t able to participate on this brief (not being a student anymore SUCKS), I decided to check out the winning works at the private viewing. Safe to say they’re pretty awesome, here’s a pick of my top five;

‘Tinker, Tailor, Soilder, Spy’ by Francesca Hotchin from University of Leads. She won a Yellow Pencil for this which is a really big deal in D&AD terms and deservedly so!

The only ‘Tree of Life’ poster I like is by Natasha Durley from the Arts University Bournemouth who won ‘Best of Year’. I love the pallette of colours she used and the fact that it looks like cells -not sure if that was intentional but if it was it’s very fitting for the film!

Loving this ‘Super 8’ poster by Louisa Lewis from Jordanstone College of Art & Design, who also won ‘Best of Year’. For those not in the know, super 8 is a type of film format largely used in the 1970’s hence using the literal sense of Super 8 on this illustration.

This immaculately detailed ‘Black Swan’ design by Rupert Smissen from Norwich University of the Arts won him a Yellow Pencil!

I need this bomber jacket in my life. ‘Best of Year’ Matthew Oldfield from Vega Brand Communications School (who sadly has no website) needs to tell me if this sewn patch is actually in existence or just some sort of photoshop sorcery I don’t know about. Also I think he definitely should have won a Yellow Pencil.

Here’s a few others which were innovative and original;

Another ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soilder, Spy’ entry from Tove Edlund Dreiman, Beckmans School of Design offering a peeping newspaper cut out addressing the decade style of the film.

The block colour of this ‘Super 8’ entry caught my eye, Imogen Wooley from Kingston University keeps it interesting with multi layered brush strokes.

Really lovely concept from Seb Koseda (who is also mentioned in the Middlesex Degree show review) and won ‘Best of Year’. I can imagine this was really fiddly layout to do so have an extra congratulations for your patience.

Surprisingly the only linocut design of the exhibition and so very well defined it had to be made by five students – Chaeun Park, Donna Fitri, Lamsyah, Law Yuanhong Ivan, Muhammad Izzat Bin Rahmat and Tan Yun Ru from the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore even included the ‘making of’ shots –

That’s it for my round-up but I here’s a few extra shots of The Church of London space where the exhibition is held and where the magic of Little White Lies happens!

My picks of Middlesex RAW Degree show 2012

My  personal highlights of the show surprisingly doesn’t include any illustration this year, though the BA graphics were amazing starting with Seb Koseda’s galactic show invitations and graduate catalogues which were made to look like a VHS tape.

Also from the graphics crew – these promotional posters for an electro swing club called The Dickie Bow made by Natalie Rauh are pretty awesome, note how you can turn the business card into a bowtie! Want one.

Moving onto Photography, I LOVED this colourful series entitled ‘Nine Series of Heaven’ by Ruta Putramentaite (who sadly has no website or blog to speak of). “This project is an exploration of sin as a concept perpetuated by western Catholic society and aims to question the authority of such doctrines when describing concepts like virtue and sin, good and bad.”

Verity Cousins offered the first male beauty concept I’ve seen in a long time, devoid of fashion magazines which works really well;

and the guy in the photo is none other than Graphic ’11 graduate Matthew Puckey who usually looks like this;

Moving on to the BA Fine Arts, I seem to be a sucker for anything with mirrors (call me vain) this particular piece by Aphra Shamza caught my eye depicting a human heart in perspex;

and finally, onto the BA Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion course which I graduated from last year – this class of 2012 really pushed the boat out in terms of set design!

First, Molly Waddingham with her installation piece. Taking inspiration from when she used to travel around Europe as a kid with her family, she collected vintage bits and pieces and made a photoshoot with her little sister which was then projected onto her set. I want to live in it.

Lucy Hubbard‘s conspicuous Consumption plays out within the concept of hyper branding, reconfiguring symbols of luxury fashion into the mundane tradition of a TV dinner, a custom that is habitually associated with a lower culture experience. “The Fashion TV Dinner installation is designed for the viewers to immerse themselves within an unobtrusive experience of fashion consumption.”

Celebrating the Jubilee with Topshop & Meadham Kirchhoff

Today Topshop hosted the only jubilee party I’d ever want to attend. In collaboration with one of my most favourite designers Meadham Kirchhoff, installing a huge window display and a shop so full of glitter and pastel colours it made me salivate. (Is that weird? I can’t be the only one?!).

anywho, as the crowd were building up outside Topshop, we were all excited to see what was behind the gold lamé curtain, they revealed it to be…

YEAH! A trident brandishing, british shield holding creation of Meadham Kirchhoff popped out of a giant cake along with dancing Kirchhoff-ettes, complete with feather fans and falling glitter. How AWESOME is that? It’s what I think my birth must have been like except with sparkly pugs instead of dancers. My mother tells me this was not the case.

Inside also looked amazeballs, with the Kirchhoff-ettes offering sweets and balloons, plus customers got a free paper crown when they spent £60 in store. I personally felt it I wanted a paper crown that bad I would make my own..but I DID get sweeties and a pink balloon 😀

Topshop offer you the chance to watch it as a stream on their website, but the quality looks pretty awful so watch mine instead –

Raindance Saturday Film School

Having always been a big film buff (this derives from my love of 80’s movies) and not having formally studied any type of media or film related degree, I decided to head to Raindance for a one day film school with my Director of Photography friend Matt Thomas.

First a little intro:

‘Since 1993, Raindance has presented the very best independently made shorts, features and documentaries in the heart of London’s West End, showing films like Blair Witch Project, Memento, Ghost World and Pulp Fiction. Raindance is unique in combining film courses with the UK’s only truly independent film festival, the Raindance Film Festival, founded to provide a platform for independent film and specializing in first-time filmmakers.’

So, upon taking our seats along with 500 other people, we were treated to a little background story from Raindance’s founding Director Elliot Grove on his Amish background and first discovering ‘the devil’ (cinema) with ‘Lassie Come Home’. He even excused his directing attire – namely black clothes and wearing sunglasses inside…

We learnt the quick rules of how to write, produce and direct a film. Through writing the story using the social stage, structure and an action flowchart down to a checklist of what you need to make a low budget film – it’s a lot to learn in one day;

Writing The Screenplay
Elliot explained the basic principles of writing screenplays and demonstrated the powerful storytelling tools used by the professionals;

  • Finding an idea
  • Creating memorable characters
  • Playing with story structure
  • Copyright and legal basics
  • How movies are bought and sold

Making the movie
how movies are produced and told us dozens of shooting tips that will save you money and make it easier to get your movie made.

  • Creating a budget
  • Chosing a camera
  • The Raindance 5 Minute Film Lighting School
  • Shooting on locations
  • Securing permissions for shooting in public
  • Guerilla filmmaking demystified

After lunch, came Patrick Tucker to the stage – an internationally acclaimed stage and screen director and founder of the Original Shakespeare Company. A loud and mental little man, he was. Here is where we learnt about directing a film – which the majority of the audience wanted to do;

  • Basics of film directing
  • Crossing the line
  • Camera placement and why it is important
  • Communicating with your cast and crew

This is where Matt & I got up on stage with Patrick and a few other audience members to demonstrate how to make a scene look good regardless of an actors physical ease. We had to stand in front of another person with our noses 3cm apart while saying a line on camera. Needless to say, this was uncomfortable and I couldn’t stop giggling. I would definitely hate to be an actor!

After this the final lesson was about ‘Breaking Into the film industry’, where Elliot Grove came back and explained how to prepare for work as a writer, producer, director, cameraperson, editor or art director.

  • Showreels and CVs explained
  • Choosing your field
  • Marketing and promoting yourself
  • Negotiating pay and what you can expect to earn

On leaving the saturday film school, my first thought was how much I would love to be an art director for films…who knows maybe one day, but for now I can say Raindance’s saturday film school is definitely one to go to! Even if you just love cinema or have some interest in making films, they are very in-depth and inspiring with a follow up email the next day with useful links and additional resources.

‘Sufi Series’ by Victoria Heald

So you may remember I posted a while back of me sitting (or standing awkwardly) for the fabulous painter Victoria Heald.

Here’s the final result, which Victoria exhibited at ‘Heald & Hodgkinson: Modern Painters’ in Mayfair. S’cuse my disco bra and all..

Pretty effing cool eh? Priced at £2,400 each, let’s hope no pervert buys them.