Spijkers en Spijkers & Bernard Chandran AW12

Saturday 18th February 2012


On entering the Freemasons hall (creepy) for Fashion Scout, SOAKING from the downpour of british weather, I was ushered in by some very anxious looking bodyguards – the room was packed to the brim and 10 minutes later the show started with tinny piano music reminiscent of the 40’s era. The collection aptly named ‘Birds of Paradise’ provoked tropical colours and geometric patterns. ‘Vintage’ and ‘schoolgirl headband’ came to mind with knee length tea dresses and cinched in waists. Totally not my style so hard to connect with but I appreciate a good show.

Bernard Chandran was a little more exciting. The music for one, was something I could bob my head to, the clothes featured silks, oversized sparkling collars and coiffed hair -thats more like it! This collection was aimed for the glamorous business woman. Everything pretty much shouted power. Bernard Chandran added lace and sequins for a feminine touch.

To top it off, he took his bow at the finale with a massive grin on his face. I never get why designers come out looking so serious all the time, so it was a nice surprise. Bless him.

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