Poster Roast

October 2011

After the glamorous affair at Annoushka, I headed north to Camden town to check out the ‘Poster Roast’ Launch Night. Poster Roast is a collective of creatives inspired by the word ‘rad’, screen printing and music to headbang to. The posters in question were all made and printed by 11 different artists for they’re favourite music tours/gigs.

Set up in 2007 by Chris White and now assisted by his wife Alex White of whom both run WeThreeClub, Its intention is to help develop and promote Poster Artists within the UK.
During each Poster Roast there is a curated exhibition of some of the most influential poster artists in the UK, there is also live screen printing throughout showing the process, and the option of leaving with your own freshly printed poster! As the poster wouldn’t exist without the music, at each exhibition some of the finest bands play live sets for your ears to enjoy.
Posters are on sale throughout, and the majority of the artists are normally present, available to chat if you have any questions!
Creating affordable art for people is a large part of what these artists advocate and Poster Roast hopes that members of the public will enjoy being able to leave with something precious and unique.

By 10pm it was going strong, the Black Heart Pub (wicked venue by the way!) was packed out with the most creative, indie looking and rockabilly inspired people (east london meets camden?) DJ playing a range of tunes from Punk Rock to Dolly Parton and we were immediately given free cocktails! Still not sure why, but I’m not complaining. Accompanying me were these two pretty awesome illustrators Shane Noonan & James Boast- check out their work here and here.

The pub walls were transformed into a gallery with all the works framed and curated in a complimentary colourful way.

 …Over excitement?

DJ loving abit of Dolly Parton

Bobby & Chris from Poster Roast

Over all these stunning pieces of work, we decided that our favourites were as follows:

Luke Drozd for his stunningly detailed poster for the Black Keys – Leeds gig Edition of 100 (£17)
“I thought two runaway steers hurtling downhill out of control seemed to be a good visual metaphor for the bands sound.”

Telegramme for his use of typography and what looks like letterpress print – Buck 65 KCLSU show (£20)

and Adam Pobiak for his Graphic design influence, the fact that it’s shiny and because I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the Temper Trap when they played a Dingwalls gig in 2009- Silkscreened poster for The Temper Trap with Sarah Blasko at the Shepherdsbush Empire edition of 250 (£20)

All posters are on sale so go see them in the flesh at the Black Heart Pub, Camden or buy online at

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