Dream. Snap. Freedom: Radical Play Through Photography
Four Corners Gallery
16th November – 18th December 2020

Dream. Snap. Freedom: Radical Play Through Photography’ is a month-long online exhibition and programme I conceived and curated with Four Corners Gallery. Radical play refers to an avenue of activism that prioritises joy and solidarity. Examples like Notting Hill Carnival, the Pride Festival, and other events where dancing, dressing up, taking up space and celebrating identity, offer another view of activism, that is often excluded from mass media coverage. 

The exhibition highlights three pillars of identity politics; LGBTQ+, anti-racism and feminist ‘radical play’. The research and chosen works draw both from the Half Moon Photography Workshop, the Camerawork exhibition archive at Four Corners as well as from a series of commissioned contemporary photography works, creating an inter-generational dialogue with work by upcoming and graduate photographers.

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Embodying The Character
Central Saint Martins
1st May – 29th April 2020

My first exhibition project as an MA student of Culture, Criticism, and Curation at Central Saint Martins titled ‘Embodying The Character’ is inspired by the influential work of theatre maverick Jeanetta Cochrane (1882-1957) and the collection of costume and set design materials in her archive at CSM’s Museum & Study Collection.

The body is a blank canvas in the realm of performing arts. In this theatre, the body is manipulated – through actions, gestures, mannerisms, speech, diction, tone, projection– and the actor comes alive on stage as a character. Costuming is more than a decorative touch. Costuming helps to dictate and communicate a character’s presence. This project was born out of a curiosity to investigate the ways in which costume and fashion design effects and influences a performance; it is an exploration of the sartorial, the theatrical, and the moments these elements coalesce.

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Analogue Perspectives
Concrete Hermit x Lomography Gallery
3rd July – 16th August 2012

I curated and hand-picked this show of seven ‘non-digital’ artists to showcase new works in the basement gallery of the Lomography store in Spitalfields, in collaboration with Concrete Hermit.

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Debut Contemporary Gallery
Multiple Exhibitions and private views
August 2011 – June 2012

I scouted upcoming artists and new work for the gallery and managed their website, social media as well as all events.

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