Hello! I’m Sufiyeh, previously a Digital Editor and Creative Director for fashion and luxury lifestyle magazines, I now freelance with a multi-disciplinary skill set as a curator and journalist/editor. I specialise in contemporary art, feminist art, fashion, photography and social justice in gender and representation.

I am a creative, insightful and analytical communications and events professional, renowned for excellent judgement and brand insight with a tenacious interdisciplinary skillset across the luxury, arts, fashion and lifestyle sectors.

After eight years of professional experience in the fashion industry, I have completed my Master’s degree in Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins in 2020 and am now looking to further my experience within the arts sector.

My practice specialises in feminist theory within contemporary art and photography; representations of the body, sexuality, race, gender and identity politics and fashion activism. I use a great deal of research in theorist texts and archives to further expand upon my chosen subjects.

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