Villain or Super-Hero?

In my 2nd year of uni, we had a project where we were to depict Barack Obama as a superhero (this was summertime 2009 when he had just been elected and everyone thought the sun shone out his ass.) Since then, I don’t agree with the way he’s been running things so I thought I would re-do my project and depict him as Two-Face the villain from Batman. But then again, I didn’t want to go too far from the brief (incase I fail the project somehow) so his title is ‘Villain or Super Hero?’

Game Over

Here’s a few from my second shoot for ‘FTW’ Magazine featuring multi-coloured gaming controllers. Spray paint is a wonderful invention.

Photography by Linas Justice,
Styling and props by Sufiyeh Hadian

I also made a mini arcade cabinet to fit an iPad (easy digital magazine viewing) made out of mdf wood with a joystick (heh heh) and a couple of buttons from ebay. DONE.

Female Protagonist

I’m creating a one edition digital gaming magazine aimed at women called ‘For The Win‘ or ‘FTW‘ bringing gaming together with fashion, music & film.
Here’s a sneak peek of my first shoot for the magazine, depicting a female gaming character doing what she does best..
Shot at Funland, Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus – big thank you to the staff!
Photography by Phil Hughes,
Styling and edited by Sufiyeh Hadian

Blood, Sweat & Tears

We had a 5 week project to produce an ‘interactive invitation’ for Middlesex University’s BA Fashion Show at the end of the year and this had to include a short film.
I chose a bit of a dark concept having watched way too much Dexter, I used ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ as my inspiration and chose to film ‘behind the scenes’ shots of a BA Fashion Degree (cutting, sewing, general tension and stress). With the creepy film, I wanted to make a not so creepy hard copy invitation that would actually be sent out to guests, so I made the physical sense of blood, sweat and tears…
The ‘blood’ is actually raspberry flavoured liquid from Halloween, the ‘sweat’ is an antiperspirant and the ‘tears’ are eyedrops. The invitations are sent out in pharmacy bags prescribed to the ‘patient’ or guest.
Without further ado, here’s the the film:
Directed by Sufiyeh Hadian,
Shot by Matthew Thomas
Music by Thom Yorke ‘Hearing Damage’

Re-workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’

Had a change of plan with the designers, after some feedback from tutors and meeting with Selfridges Visual Merchandiser, we decided that they had to be celebrated british fashion designers & preferably ones that Selfridges stock.
Soooo here’s the new & improved styling ideas/collaborations, and check out my ‘Fashion Strikes Back’ logo- took me 1 long day to put that together!

Giles Deacon for C3PO
Christopher Kane for Stormtrooper
Henry Holland for Darth Vader
I’ll leave you with a little home made Star Wars opening credits explaining my project..

First workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’

For my one of my Final Major Project briefs, I’ve chosen to re-brand Star Wars characters (geek.) including C3P0, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, and collaborate them (hypothetically) with different fashion designers. This will then go on (hypothetically) to exhibit in Selfridges Concept Store, celebrating Star Wars coming out in 3D in 2012. oh & I’m also going to create the styled shoot’s in analglyphic 3D (red & cyan).

Here’s a sneak peak of my styling ideas..

Stormtrooper for Christopher Kane, Darth Vader for Luella & Tarina Tarantino, C3P0 for Thierry Mugler
Princess Leia for Hussein Chalayan, Chewbacca for Carhartt and Yoda for Paul Smith.

Pop Ate My Heart

Lady GaGa @ Brixton Academy
14 July 2009

My blood turned to glitter. Alexander McQueen was the creator of the wonderful costumes GaGa wore and he was apparently there too but unfortunately i didn’t spot him 😦
And I know I’ve already worn it once but I couldn’t go to see Her Royal Discostick without wearing my fabulous DiscoBra! Here am I after the gig with Scarlett Etienne sporting McQueen (what else?) and the fabulous stylist Peter Breen.
Check out my video of GaGa playing acoustic Pokerface –

There’s A Star Man Waiting In The Sky..

ArtMachine/Bowie with House of Blueeyes

Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green 30th May 2009

Johnny Blueeyes is a wonderful man. Full of love and wisdom and has great style to boot (Have you seen the vintage Biba shoes?!). So to celebrate his recent success (Kate Moss on his first catwalk collection and all that..) Mr.Blueeyes threw an entertainment bash at the Resistance Gallery with a David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust theme.

It was fun and I met some amazing people including Ram Shergill (Editor in chief of Drama Magazine, which led me to do work experience as Creative director’s assistant & Styling assistant there which was AMAZING!), the Lovely Theo angel and of course Scarlett Etienne who is a rock star in her own right!

Fresh Talent

Central St.Martins Graphics & Illustration Exhibition Private View

Truman Brewery, Brick Lane May 28th 2009

This. Was. Amazing.
No other words to describe it really, the crazy and original ideas that go through these students heads is just inspirational.
I primarily went to see a friend of mine’s work- the amazingly talented and somewhat elusive Mike Kosmicki (See Above his Graphics work is so professional, not surprising as he’s interned at Tank Magazine! I remember looking through it at RD Franks every month just to see his name in print!
I left that Exhibition feeling the creative urge!