September Private View

September 2011

While working for Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill. I helped to organise a blowout private view featuring works of the new artists. As it was September, and we all know september is the fashion month, I decided on a ‘wearable art’ theme. With this, I asked a friend a favour – DJ Erol Sabadosh to play some tunes for the night as he did with the previous month’s private view pictured here:

Amy Winehouse sculpture by Sarah Gwyer

We had none other than the gorgeous model BB Kaye as a special guest!

For the ‘wearable art’ theme, I called upon the help of the amazingly talented and most original designer James Hock who dressed me up in one of his first creations – the ‘Alternative Black Dress’.  It meant I had to stay immobile for most of the night and had a LOT of people inappropriately touching my dress until I had to resort to batting them away with the guest list clipboard. I mean, really.

The beautiful Laura Cherry and Treacle Holasz performed from the March Performance Group and wore Ziad Ghanem Couture in the downstairs gallery. Overall, a great night and the gallery was packed out with queue’s out the door!

Photography by Bar Am David

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