There’s A Star Man Waiting In The Sky..

ArtMachine/Bowie with House of Blueeyes

Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green 30th May 2009

Johnny Blueeyes is a wonderful man. Full of love and wisdom and has great style to boot (Have you seen the vintage Biba shoes?!). So to celebrate his recent success (Kate Moss on his first catwalk collection and all that..) Mr.Blueeyes threw an entertainment bash at the Resistance Gallery with a David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust theme.

It was fun and I met some amazing people including Ram Shergill (Editor in chief of Drama Magazine, which led me to do work experience as Creative director’s assistant & Styling assistant there which was AMAZING!), the Lovely Theo angel and of course Scarlett Etienne who is a rock star in her own right!

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