My picks of Middlesex RAW Degree show 2012

My  personal highlights of the show surprisingly doesn’t include any illustration this year, though the BA graphics were amazing starting with Seb Koseda’s galactic show invitations and graduate catalogues which were made to look like a VHS tape.

Also from the graphics crew – these promotional posters for an electro swing club called The Dickie Bow made by Natalie Rauh are pretty awesome, note how you can turn the business card into a bowtie! Want one.

Moving onto Photography, I LOVED this colourful series entitled ‘Nine Series of Heaven’ by Ruta Putramentaite (who sadly has no website or blog to speak of). “This project is an exploration of sin as a concept perpetuated by western Catholic society and aims to question the authority of such doctrines when describing concepts like virtue and sin, good and bad.”

Verity Cousins offered the first male beauty concept I’ve seen in a long time, devoid of fashion magazines which works really well;

and the guy in the photo is none other than Graphic ’11 graduate Matthew Puckey who usually looks like this;

Moving on to the BA Fine Arts, I seem to be a sucker for anything with mirrors (call me vain) this particular piece by Aphra Shamza caught my eye depicting a human heart in perspex;

and finally, onto the BA Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion course which I graduated from last year – this class of 2012 really pushed the boat out in terms of set design!

First, Molly Waddingham with her installation piece. Taking inspiration from when she used to travel around Europe as a kid with her family, she collected vintage bits and pieces and made a photoshoot with her little sister which was then projected onto her set. I want to live in it.

Lucy Hubbard‘s conspicuous Consumption plays out within the concept of hyper branding, reconfiguring symbols of luxury fashion into the mundane tradition of a TV dinner, a custom that is habitually associated with a lower culture experience. “The Fashion TV Dinner installation is designed for the viewers to immerse themselves within an unobtrusive experience of fashion consumption.”

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