Celebrating the Jubilee with Topshop & Meadham Kirchhoff

Today Topshop hosted the only jubilee party I’d ever want to attend. In collaboration with one of my most favourite designers Meadham Kirchhoff, installing a huge window display and a shop so full of glitter and pastel colours it made me salivate. (Is that weird? I can’t be the only one?!).

anywho, as the crowd were building up outside Topshop, we were all excited to see what was behind the gold lamé curtain, they revealed it to be…

YEAH! A trident brandishing, british shield holding creation of Meadham Kirchhoff popped out of a giant cake along with dancing Kirchhoff-ettes, complete with feather fans and falling glitter. How AWESOME is that? It’s what I think my birth must have been like except with sparkly pugs instead of dancers. My mother tells me this was not the case.

Inside also looked amazeballs, with the Kirchhoff-ettes offering sweets and balloons, plus customers got a free paper crown when they spent £60 in store. I personally felt it I wanted a paper crown that bad I would make my own..but I DID get sweeties and a pink balloon 😀

Topshop offer you the chance to watch it as a stream on their website, but the quality looks pretty awful so watch mine instead –


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