Maria Francesca Pepe ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’

I’ll admit, I have been a die hard fan of MFP since I saw her stackable rings at Wolf & Badger a while back. Her A/W collection is a must have! Surprisingly boasting hues of rose gold, and fuschia pinks recalling flowers in blossom – ‘a symbol of newborn love’ – awwwww. Quoting lyrics fromContinue reading “Maria Francesca Pepe ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’”

Spijkers en Spijkers & Bernard Chandran AW12

Saturday 18th February 2012 IT RAINED. I WASN’T HAPPY. On entering the Freemasons hall (creepy) for Fashion Scout, SOAKING from the downpour of british weather, I was ushered in by some very anxious looking bodyguards – the room was packed to the brim and 10 minutes later the show started with tinny piano music reminiscentContinue reading “Spijkers en Spijkers & Bernard Chandran AW12”

Alter Ego with Victoria Heald

“Victoria Heald’s work aims to communicate an intensity of the painted figure through pose, gesture, expression and look. The changing surfaces, materials and compositions heighten the figurative image in each piece. Her recent filmic series referenced different cachets and seductively rich imagery of cinema from 1940s – 60s. She has used personal contacts as modelsContinue reading “Alter Ego with Victoria Heald”

Alchemy Launch Party at Annoushka Jewellery

October 2011 Artist Rosie Emerson launched ‘Alchemy’ in collaboration with Annoushka Jewellery, staging photographs of the most successful women in the fashion industry including Virginia Bates, Daisy Lowe, Eliza Doolittle, Ophelia Lovibond and Caroline Issa shrouded in golden light merging fine art and fine jewellery. Here’s a few pics of the work:      Continue reading “Alchemy Launch Party at Annoushka Jewellery”