My Stylish Friends

Just wanted to devote a post to my lovely friends who I have dragged around London Fashion Week with me waiting around in the freezing cold, getting papped and of course the inevitable sore feet after all the excitement..

Rachel Rodrigues is a fashion guru and an artist. We have worked on almost everything together – from interning at Drama Magazine to Sketchbook Magazine, on the same course at Uni and going on a spontaneous fun-filled weekend trip to Milan to see the ‘Extreme Beauty in Vogue’ Exhibition a couple years back. Rachel has recently set up her own Tote Bag Design label & I invested in the ‘Lash Tote’ handpainted canvas bag which I absolutely LOVE! You can find her online store here, website here!

Rachel at Fashion Scout Exhibition

Rodrigues exclusive ‘lash Tote’

My gay husband (we have this pact, you see..) Jefferson Catlyn. Lady’s Man, Man’s Man, Man about Town kinda guy. He’s  super stylish – got snapped as soon as we stepped foot on Somerset House cobblestones. He has no website to speak of and is probably one of the most hardest person to get in contact with but you’ll definitely know when he’s around. I don’t even know how we manage to meet up sometimes, maybe we have a psychic connection.

 Jefferson in Somerset House

Rachel Noble graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art last year, I scouted her AMAZING video art work and collage prints for the gallery, sufficed to say we’ve become pretty awesome friends since. I took her to her first fashion show and she’s teaching me all there is to know about art, hip hop and trainers. We’re currently planning on a fashion/film collaboration crossover so watch this space! See Rachel’s website here

Rachel infront of her ‘Hyperbolic’ piece

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