Maria Francesca Pepe ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’

I’ll admit, I have been a die hard fan of MFP since I saw her stackable rings at Wolf & Badger a while back. Her A/W collection is a must have! Surprisingly boasting hues of rose gold, and fuschia pinks recalling flowers in blossom – ‘a symbol of newborn love’ – awwwww.

Quoting lyrics from the infamous Beatles song ‘Can’t buy me love’ MFP creates more than just jewellery, featuring body armour with varnished heart shaped pendants, pearls and amethysts mounted on ornate chains decorating the torso. In contrast with matt-lime varnished pointed crosses encrusted with grey diamond crystals, studs and black pearls for the tougher woman. These eye catching body pieces are pure fun, MFP has also created a studded chain swimsuit and underwear!

Images from her lookbook create whimsical and romantic styling with 60’s dolly hair & makeup and a soft colour palette. I also got a pretty poster to keep- the more I look at it, the more I want everything on it…those clever marketers.

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