Seoul’s most innovative concept stores

Seoul’s concept stores are becoming top destinations for everything from cult buys to designer brands, streetwear, high-end fashion, home décor and exclusive collaborations which can only be found in-store. Take a look at our pick of the most exciting concept stores in South Korea’s capital.

Haute spots of Paris

Haute couture is quintessentially Parisian. It was founded in the quarter around rue de la Paix where Charles Frederick Worth established a dressmaking salon in 1858. His workshop was among a host of small businesses dedicated to the art of dressmaking and fashion, from embroiderers and feather workers to makers of buttons, shoes and gloves.

Exclusive interview with couturier Ziad Nakad

From his early teens, Lebanese-born designer Ziad Nakad knew that he wanted to work in fashion. Fascinated by eclectic fabrics, sheer embroidery and unconventional beading, Nakad designed gowns for his family and friends to wear. Encouraged by this genuine success, the talented young man decided to explore and embrace the art of dressmaking, and wentContinue reading “Exclusive interview with couturier Ziad Nakad”