Re-workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’

Had a change of plan with the designers, after some feedback from tutors and meeting with Selfridges Visual Merchandiser, we decided that they had to be celebrated british fashion designers & preferably ones that Selfridges stock. Soooo here’s the new & improved styling ideas/collaborations, and check out my ‘Fashion Strikes Back’ logo- took me 1 long dayContinue reading “Re-workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’”

First workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’

For my one of my Final Major Project briefs, I’ve chosen to re-brand Star Wars characters (geek.) including C3P0, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, and collaborate them (hypothetically) with different fashion designers. This will then go on (hypothetically) to exhibit in Selfridges Concept Store, celebrating Star Wars coming out in 3D in 2012. oh & I’mContinue reading “First workings of ‘Fashion Strikes Back’”

There’s A Star Man Waiting In The Sky..

ArtMachine/Bowie with House of Blueeyes Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green 30th May 2009 Johnny Blueeyes is a wonderful man. Full of love and wisdom and has great style to boot (Have you seen the vintage Biba shoes?!). So to celebrate his recent success (Kate Moss on his first catwalk collection and all that..) Mr.Blueeyes threw anContinue reading “There’s A Star Man Waiting In The Sky..”

You’re Noone ’till Your In The BurnBook

BurnBook Launch @ the Green Carnation Soho May 28th 2009 So if your a London fashionite you should already know about Soho’s most famous dragqueens, Munroe Bergdorf & Shiva Queen, then you also should know about BurnBook the new clubnight dedicated to those who say “There is only one thing in the world worse than beingContinue reading “You’re Noone ’till Your In The BurnBook”

The First Streetfest 2009!

(From May 2009) “Building A Community Of Collective Creativity” My friend and I decided to check out an event I’d seen advertised named Street Fest, it featured a large skate ramp in a warehouse off Old Street with artists such as Sichi, Andy Seize, Hicks,Miss Led and Drunkpark, live DJ’s with yummy international food stallsContinue reading “The First Streetfest 2009!”