5 Luxury brands awarded the sustainable Butterfly Mark

Positive Luxury connects luxury brands with sustainability through the Butterfly Mark.
Inspired by the story of the Large British Blue Butterfly, which was brought back from near extinction in the UK, the Butterfly Mark is awarded to brands for their measurable impact and commitment to sustainability. Brands who want to be awarded must go beyond achieving a minimum sustainable standard that is compliant with local law, international law and best practice principles, and are assessed every two years across five criteria. We discover which luxury brands have been awarded the Butterfly Mark.

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Christian Dior
As part of LVMH group, Christian Dior is taking various steps to protect people and the
planet; measures have been put in place to minimise water and energy usage and the
emission of greenhouse gases. Parfums Christian Dior energy consumption thus dropped
from 14.2 MWh in 1999 to 8.6 MWh in 2003 per ton of product manufactured. Most
recently, the house of Dior opened its doors to some fifty female students for their ‘Women @ Dior’ programme, where an assigned Dior team member will mentor every student over the course of a year as they make their first contacts with the world of work, both in France and abroad to help empower them in the workplace and raise their confidence in their own potential.

The LOEWE Foundation was established as a private cultural foundation in 1988 by Enrique Loewe Lynch, a fourth-generation member of LOEWE’s founding family. Today under the direction of his daughter Sheila Loewe, the Foundation’s mission is to promote creativity, educational programs and to safeguard heritage in the fields of poetry, dance, photography, art, and craft. The Foundation was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts, the highest honour granted by the Spanish government, in 2002.

Since 2017 Kenzo has been a member of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) to promote better cotton production for people who produce it. This is in reference to the reducing child labour, smallholder poverty, habitat loss, health, and decent work, and for the environment, it grows in such as pesticides, soil depletion, water management and biodiversity. Kenzo has also built an awareness program with their raw material/product
suppliers and subcontractors to secure access & certification of animal and vegetal raw materials. As well as regulation compliance on banned or hazardous chemicals, urging them to conduct frequent audits.

Temperley London
Last year, Temperley London was awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for a
commitment to responsible practices across innovation, social good, environment,
philanthropy, and governance. Temperley London is a Cites company, never using materials from endangered species. Further to this, they are fur free, exotic skin free and never use angora within their garments. Temperley have also committed to making all plastic materials in their supply chain Biodegradable by 2020.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton has always been highly conscious of both respecting nature and embracing
talent and craftsmanship. Since their first carbon footprint audit back in 2004, Louis Vuitton has been consistently innovating and, twenty years on, this still remains a priority; in order to minimise their impact on climate change, the brand is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, particularly in regard to product transportation and energy consumption in their buildings. Louis Vuitton is also committed to the utmost quality across its business practices, as underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as Responsible Production and Consumption, Climate Change, and Equal Employment.

To find out more about Positive Luxury, and the Butterfly Mark, take a look at their website: www.positiveluxury.com

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