Decoding the stars with Carolyne Faulkner

Carolyne Faulkner is an intuitive and incredibly interesting woman. Having worked in the entertainment industry, Carolyne then studied astrology and meditation and found that knowing her birth chart means she could identify her personality traits, good and bad, and how best to use them to her advantage. This has since made her into somewhat of a super-star (pun intended), having since held in-house astrology sessions at Soho House and Harrods, and now boasts a loyal roster of A-list clients.

‘Nobody’s future is written in the stars,’ Carolyne says, ‘but astrology can help you create yours by understanding your own and other people’s behaviours.’ Having had an initial chat and interview over the phone, discussing today’s political stance; Trump is a Gemini – bad traits of Gemini include not listening, superficiality and a big old ego. Crossed over with the generation of revolutionary millennials who all have Saturn (planet of authority) in Capricorn, meaning there is a rebellious streak to break from tradition and old-age beliefs that no longer work for everyone.

‘Because mine is a kind of coaching method based on the stars. I take something that someone else would spend two pages examining and put it into a couple of sentences.’ Says Carolyne, this astrological self-help is what makes her so in demand – Carolyne categorises signs into ‘gone wrong’ and ‘gone right’ and forces you to face the bad parts in an effort to heal.

Having worked for 13 years as a life coach, it’s interesting to see how she puts this into practice by using astrology; rather like a bespoke therapy session for self-improvement, and who doesn’t want to improve themselves? Astrology seems to be a crux of the new wellness trend that is currently booming and having been given her book ‘Decode the Stars’ for Christmas, I was eager to find out more and signed up for a session over Skype.

We begin by mapping out my birth chart through the time, date and place of birth – this is incredibly important, so if you don’t know the time – ask your mother! Beginning with your sun sign, or what is commonly seen as your star sign (mine is Scorpio), Carolyne tells me there is firstly a lot of Virgo in my chart – having my Moon in Virgo means I am inconceivably critical of myself and that this will ease up with age and experience but I am in fact, wasting time trying to be constantly perfect, or live up to the image I have of myself.

Strong start.


As a life coach, Carolyne points out that I should try using the 80/20 rule (to learn 80% quickly and the resulting 20% takes the rest of your life), as to not to rush things with my impatient birth chart. She then points out that with my Capricorn in the 4th house means there’s something to do with my childhood or family history that makes me incredibly anxious, with an eagerness to please. Which in turn, stops me appreciating everything I’ve achieved so far – always looking for the next big thing.

So far, so accurate.

A coach first and astrologer second, Carolyne looks at where people hold themselves back from feeling content. This is also the same for many millennials who have the previously discussed Capricorn in their chart. As this is a generational thing, we feel incredibly ambitious at such a young age that even when out having fun we’re all still looking for new opportunities. ‘Take time to relax and live in the moment.’ Carolyne says. Speaking of generational signs, she mentions the Aquarian north node in the 5 house, meaning my karmic journey is in the sign of Aquarius – a shift in consciousness –Aquarians are seen as the activist and the humanitarian. My role in the world is to raise awareness and consciousness through creativity and by having fun with it, as my Mercury (planet of communication) is in Sagittarius, I have a job to inspire people through words –  this means I do this through writing and working in the publishing industry. My immediate thought is that I probably need to step up my journalist game.

Interestingly, she says my ideal partner would help me to lighten up, not to take things too seriously and have the ability to laugh at myself (FYI future husband), but also with my moon in critical Virgo means that when someone asks me out on a date, I immediately think of ten reasons why they’re not the one (sorry future husband). She also mentions there is a need for control in my life coupled with a fear of losing it, and that I am most suspicious and distrustful of people I don’t know, likely from a residue of events that have happened in my past or in a past life. I don’t know about past lives, but in my current one, I have had a couple of traumatic and disappointing past experiences with an ex best friend and an ex boyfriend (unrelated) which has indeed caused me to become incredibly guarded. Carolyne says I need to relax and give people the benefit of the doubt as there is no way to evolve or grow otherwise. Some food for thought.

She also mentions that as a Scorpio, I have learnt about the use of power from a young age; observing how people handle power, how they use or misuse it and that my birth chart shows some incredible aspects; that I like to empower people other than myself. I guess with my interest in fashion and identity (why we wear the clothes we do, what they mean to us) coupled with a very strong feminist belief system, she’s quite right. ‘Being a Scorpio means you have natural empathy, you take on other people’s energy a lot of the time and have a tendency to get too involved, to your own detriment.’ Past relationships can certainly prove this. Note to self; must relax.

Carolyne ends with discussing what is in the now; at the moment with Saturn’s return, we all have a duty to take off the rose tinted glasses, as Saturn just asks to sort your life out and to shake off the stuff that no longer works for you. ‘Everyone is on a different phase of growth. But as a Scorpio or with people who have a lot of Scorpio in their chart, (everyone born from August 1984 until 2006 have Pluto in Scorpio) have to learn how to handle the intense energy’ she says. This is either Scorpio gone right; empathetic, intuitive and truth-seeking or Scorpio gone wrong; obsessive, jealous, abusive. Right-o.

Her message for the sceptics? “Use the book for a week to the letter and if it doesn’t enhance your life, that’s fine by me. But you can’t discredit something until you’re educated about it.” Hear hear!

Appointments with Carolyne begin from £180 for an hour’s session, but those keen to know more can buy her new book, The Signs, for £9.99, which explains how to plot your own birth chart and analyse it.

Originally published for The Sybarite. Illustration by Louise Androlia

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