Mayfair’s oldest establishment, The Punchbowl, delivered a game-changing (excuse the pun) supper club last week, hosted by game expert Jose Souto. The Sybarite partook in an educational experience in all things game.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-12-13-51Secreted away at the top of the building, hosted in The Club private dining room, the Mayfair Supper Club is surrounded by what resembles a Victorian art collector’s dining table. Oh if the walls could talk! One wouldn’t be wrong to assume some of Mayfair’s finest minds and makers in history were once sat here enjoying their dinner whilst discussing important worldly matters. Since 1729, The Punchbowl has been providing its esteemed players and patrons with a place to relax, dine and entertain.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-12-13-40

Their newly established Supper Club is hosted monthly with a different theme every month. This November, to celebrate game season, we began the evening with a butchery lesson by the incredibly proficient Jose Souto, who made everything look effortless, but do not be fooled fellow Sybarites, from knowing what gives a grouse that lavender hint to where to cut a venison tendon – this was riveting stuff! Luckily, we then got to taste these delicacies supplied by the Lincolnshire Game Company.

Starting with venison Carpaccio decorated with creamy Gorgonzola, black pepper, cress and balsamic dressing, an absolute treat for the taste buds, and
what would serve as a soft introduction to a hearty country meal.

To follow, the main dish served a mallard and mushroom wellington, accompanied by sweet screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-12-14-06potato gratin, imam bayildi, lemon and thyme red wine sauces – by this point I was ready to die happy. But alas, there had to be a dessert of the sweetest kind – a ‘gypsy tart’ (ooh-err) with clotted cream and butterscotch brittle. Incredibly rich, decadent and a bit naughty – The Punchbowl’s Mayfair Supper Club deserves a standing ovation.

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