Queen Of The Swingers

Killing Kittens founder, Emma Sayle hosts a members-only club driven by female pleasure. Indulging in the curiosities and debaucherous behaviour of that found in erotic literature, The Rake explores the sexual impropriety, (nay fulfilment!) one would find at a KK party…

Ten years ago, working in a miserable PR job, Emma Sayle escaped London to fly a private jet to Ibiza for a wedding. Not just any wedding, but that of a certain A-lister, of which the guests were young, beautiful and incredibly hedonistic. Having witnessed said guests all naked with limbs entangled the night after the nuptials; Sayle went home to replicate the extravagant and merrymaking scene in London.

Indeed, there are a number of sex parties in the UK, but what these parties lack is a female initiative. At Killing Kittens, men can only ‘join in’ if they are lucky enough to be invited by a female member. And lucky they are, for KK is a plethora of beautiful women with a want to explore their sexuality and a need for very intricate lingerie. No fetishist PVC to be found here.

‘I like to think of it as a big debaucherous private party where the wheels come off.’
– Emma Sayle

Read more on TheRake.com.

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