Chopard’s Happy Diamonds

Since 1976, Happy Diamonds have been joyfully lighting up the eponymous creations from Chopard. Over the years, the famous moving diamonds have been staged through a myriad of a precious and joyful watch and jewellery creations. To mark their 40th birthday, Chopard is revisiting the iconic model in which they were first introduced.

While out on a walk in the Black Forest during the 1970s, Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski was entranced by the sight of a waterfall and the thousands of tiny water droplets launching out from it, reflecting and sparkling through the daylight, since then he became fascinated with the idea of unset diamonds. Karin Scheufele hailed the first creation of a ‘Happy Diamonds’ watch – a men’s watch, featuring a cushion-shaped dial inserted between two transparent sapphire sheaths, which allowed the diamonds to move about freely without a scratch.

“Diamonds are happiest when they are free.”
– Karin Scheufele


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