Juergen Teller ‘Woo!’

Juergen Teller hosted a press preview at the ICA a couple of months ago for his new exhibition ‘Woo!’ detailing his major and personal work, I was lucky enough to cover it for F.Tape – read what Juergen had to say here.

It’s always interesting seeing people whose work you admire in real life, I’m not a celebrity seeker but I got butterflies when Juergen was explaining how the giant triptych of a totally starkers Vivienne Westwood came about! My favourite pieces of work in the exhibition, not just because it’s Dame Viv but the fact that she still retains the punk attitude and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks – it isn’t sexy either, punk isn’t sexy, rather just ‘this is me, like it or eff off’ captured perfectly by Mr Teller.

He’s quite shy, I would say but opinionated and open-minded at the same time. The man swears a lot too! He was talking about his interest with the naked form because he was always curious- enough to photography his own butthole but I’ll leave that to the imagination or you could go see it yourself, the ICA is surprisingly liberal when it comes to the sake of art.

The exhibition runs until the 17th March – go see it!

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