You’re Noone ’till Your In The BurnBook

BurnBook Launch @ the Green Carnation

Soho May 28th 2009
So if your a London fashionite you should already know about Soho’s most famous dragqueens, Munroe Bergdorf & Shiva Queen, then you also should know about BurnBook the new clubnight dedicated to those who say “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”- Oscar Wilde. Hosted by none other than the Queens themselves.
Here I am on opening night, with a Champagne glass too many, we danced the night away with the made up MAC beauties-VIP guests (other than myself) included Mikey Kardashian, Louis Parsons, Leon Senn & Paul Nicholls- (who by the way, also works in Year Zero a fabulous little shop off Beak Street selling Lego Jewelry made by the Owner Rocky Mazzilli and Louis Vuitton cases covered in Graffiti! . DJ’s featured Erol Sabadosh, Joshyou Are & Karaoke from the amazingly talented Matt Kane & Marcos Brito.
Sadly Paul Nicholls passed away in August 2010 following a long battle with cancer. May you rest in Peace Paul, you always were fabulous!

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